About Me

About Me

My artwork and messaging always comes from an authentic place. My emotions, beliefs, culture, and moods are a part of everything I produce. The result is colorful, creative, and meaningful art that carries an experience behind each piece.

The story of art in my life was usually sidelined to a doodle on a notepad all through grade school and a beneficial tool that family and friends utilized for projects that required an artistic eye. It wasn’t until (way) later in life that I noticed that the skills accumulated throughout my lifetime were an actual talent. That was when I decided to educate myself formally with lettering, classical calligraphy, watercolor, and acrylic art. In 2016, I branched out into the wedding industry and business branding, utilizing my calligraphy and artistic abilities for various projects.

Now, I am looking to enter the licensing world. I have a passion to spread joy and empowerment through everything I create. Take a look at my portfolio below, and let me know how I can help create intentional and beautiful artwork for you.

I want to work with you!

I want to work with you. I want to be a part of your greater vision to empower, create, teach, all of it. Whatever that may be; together we can collaborate and make your vision a reality.  

Cynthia is truly a talented woman! She not only brought my vision to life but also gave it personality. Sometimes, we entrepreneurs can communicate in abstract ways… we want this but we also want that type of thing… Cynthia understood me perfectly. Nothing compares to having something that was designed specifically for you and your brand. Thank you Cynthia! I look forward to working on many more projects together! “

Diana Diaz

RAWW (Real Authentic Women's Wellness)

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As both an artist and calligrapher, I provide handcrafted artwork to clients for personal, business, and licensing use. Using a combination of images and words, my artwork is created for those who wish to surround their homes or businesses with art that uplifts and inspires.

Let's Make Some Art!

Let's Make Some Art!