Who is C.B. Escribe?

Escribe is Spanish for writes. I felt it totally encompassed me from pen to paintbrush. I create, and whether that’s with pictures or words I always send a message. Hola, I’m Cynthia and I’m so thrilled you are here, taking time out of your day to get to know me a bit.

What got me here?

The story of Art in my life was always sidelined to a doodle on a notepad all through grade school; a benefit and tool that family and friends utilized for any and all projects. Cynthia’s good at this, have her do it. It wasn’t until (way) later in life that I noticed that those skills accumulated throughout my lifetime are were an actual talent. I educated myself formally with lettering, classical calligraphy, watercolor, acrylic and applied purposeful dedication and skill to what was brewing within me since childhood. I’ve shared some of those awesome people who have become mentors and friends here as well.

In 2016 I’ve put the pedal to the metal and have provided calligraphy and art services from wedding industry to business branding. I’ve curated my artwork here for personal and business use, and now, I’m diving into the licensing world.

Why Art?

Because it tells a story! It represents the unpresentable. Ever changing and ever growing, I always have a passion for spreading joy and empowerment in everything I create. My art & my skill are a way for me to contribute something beautiful and meaningful to this world, a way for me to empower, a way that enriches my life. I find Art is the best way to express myself and motivate all of you! I love cheering other creatives, I love sharing about our journey, I love the messiness and the reality of this life. Because a shared journey is a powerful one! That is why.

Where do I want to go?

I want to collaborate with you. I want to work together towards a shared goal. I want you to use my art for your special projects, for licensing into items that will curate someone’s home. To tell your story, to motivate you and bring you joy.

This site is a place you find ideas and inspiration that you crave so we can enjoy a fruitful collaboration or a place you purchase artwork that sparked your interest.

I hope you get to know who I am as a woman, a mother of bicultural and bilingual kids, as a Latina, as a woman wanting to encourage fellow women to believe in themselves. I want to cheer you on, because I am you!

Thanks for being here. I can’t wait to keep sharing with you. Please (if you feel inclined) sign-up for my email and I’ll send you a digital print as a GRACIAS, THANK YOU for being here, supporting this girl and her dream.

Con Amor,  Cynthia